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One of the most effective methods of reducing the risks from IV drugs is to use a wheel filter. They do not weaken your taste as some people claim, all they do is take out the impurities


How do I know what filter I need ?


Brown wheel filters are 5 microns


The coarsest wheel filter.

Use as a pre-filter for thick solutions.

Chalky pills, some poppy tastes.

Use with cold water.


Red wheel filters are 1.2 microns







Methadone pills


Green wheel filters are 0.8 microns


Amphetamine sulphate

Morphine sulphate


Blue wheel filters are 0.22 microns



High-grade speed



Metadone (no thickener) and Biodone


100 or 200mg mst - BLUE

Methamphetamine - BLUE

Amphetemine sulphate - GREEN or BLUE

Heroin - BLUE

Coke - BLUE

Biodone/Methadone (no thickener) - BLUE

Opium - RED

M-Eslon - RED

Kapanol - RED

60mg MST - GREEN (RED for 2 or more)

30mg MST - RED (BROWN for a few)

Chalky pills (used with cold water) eg Ritalin, Pethidine

- RED (BROWN for more than 2)


This is a guide only. The best filter size will also depend on the amount of drugsbeing filtered, how they are prepared, or what they are cut with. If in doubt or if afilter blocks, try a larger size, then use a finer one afterwards. You'll soon getto know what works best.



Most people find that the green Minisart is perfect for the job. That is unless you have more than 1 pill you want to filter. If you have more than one pill its best to use a Red filter first off and then to refilter it through a green.



In most cases people find that a blue filter will remove any impurities and any bacteria that may have gotten into their taste.


Chalky Type Pills

This includes such things as pethidine, Methadone and Ritalin. It is best to use a Red Filter then to follow up with a blue. This will make sure that you have a really clean taste.


Amphetamine Sulphate

If your speed is brown or discoloured, then you would be better of using a Brown Wheel filter first.


Crystal Meth/P/or Pure

You can put this straight through a Blue Wheel filter.



This can in most cases go straight through a blue wheel filter.



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